Thursday, 20 September 2012

just the facts mam...

The Garston Killer Whale

45 year old Widnes born environmentalist, with a long list of experiences and tales of conservation at the cutting edge’, my two great passions in life are music and the natural environment – a graduate of local authority Ranger Services and 10 years delivering Further Education, including Countryside Management and  Tree Surgery and travelling the country observing wildlife, with a particular love of mammals, reptiles and birds,  Scottish islands, field archaeology and working with people and communities.
Sharing a house with various pet Lizards, musical instruments and optical equipment
Described, by himself, as ‘a bad all rounder’ on most things – even fungi! – and happy to chat with random strangers on local nature reserves – chief identification features normally a red face and an obscure 70’s rock band T-shirt, one man with one obsession – the pursuit of the truth regarding the Garston Killer Whale

Circa 1975…
School story
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour,
Garston Public baths
The animal
Orca/Killer Whale (Orcinis orca)
“Just the facts, mam?”
I went there.
I saw Dolphins.
A double Decker was involved.(Green?) (Crosville?)
I got wet.
I wouldn’t do the job I do now if it didn’t happen.
The quest
To quote an infamous 1980s Sci –Fi show “the truth is out there”, which is why this site has been set up.
That’s right – a Killer Whale. I think that at the end of the performance a real,live Killer whale did a few circuits of the pool, jumped up and out and splashed everyone in the place…
The research so far as narrowed it down to – a possibility! Facts so far, there where Orcas doing shows at the time – and in the area.
This blog will reveal my research and catalogue myself and my crews experiences tracking Orcas throughout the UK and Europe and update and blog from our Summer expedition – more of which later.
The site will also include musings about music – my other passion, Single Malts, Literature – great and otherwise and other points of interest and some philosophical musings (nothing too heavy, mind…)
Do YOU have any information that can confirm or dispel the above?
Did you attend the school? Did you visit the baths, or remember the shows?
Where you involved in training or putting on the shows?
Did you encounter the Garston Killer whale itself?